About Sherry

Your Intuitively Connected™  Online Guide


With over 20 years of experience in online technology and business systems, a bachelor’s degree in Tax and Accounting and as a Certified Angel Communication Master (ACM) and intuitive, I have the ability to talk both languages, spirit & tech.

I began working with online technologies in 1995, with my first website design business focused on spiritual entrepreneurs. Following my guidance and calling, I left the accounting industry to focus on helping others grow their businesses online.

I help conscious entrepreneurs who feel intimidated by technology bridge the gap between their vision and the online systems they must have to grow their business. Once they make friends with technology, they no longer feel like they will blow something up when they hit the wrong button, so they can get on with bringing their unique gifts out to the world.

You see, I believe that each of us has a special purpose, a calling and special gifts and talents that we are here to use in this lifetime. It is only by each of us following our unique purpose, connecting to our intuition and living from that guided place that our world will begin to change and evolve into the peaceful, sustainable world we dream of.

We each have our work that only we can do and technology should not stand in the way. That is where I come in.

With Gratitude & Blessings!