Your Intuitively Connected Biz

Discover the Insiders Secrets to creating more flow,
getting more clients, and making more money!

Dear Connected Spirit,

Have you ever wondered...

  • How you can get from where you are in your business to where you want to be without it being SO Hard?
  • How to figure out what technology you really need to grow your business, without wasting time trying all the wrong things..
  • How to manage that technology so you can have more ease and flow in your business.
  • How to create a website and systems that actually attract more clients and help you make more money.
  • How to get personal support (ie. Hand Holding) without going bankrupt.
  • If it is even possible to have the life and business you have been dreaming about.

Well, you can stop wondering, because...

You have the very special opportunity to listen to several healers, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs (just like you) share their insider's secrets, their true stories, about how they are building their businesses.

They'll share their fears of technology and how it was holding them back.

They'll share how they worried about not being able to ever "learn this stuff."

They'll share what has changed in their business and what has happened as a result.

They'll share how they moved from feelings of "I can't learn this stuff", "It's too hard", "I'm ready to give up, this just isn't for me" into feelings of "I GOT THIS!" and even "This is Fun!"

Interested in hearing their Insider's Secrets?

Then join us for a free webinar ...

Your Intuitively Connected Biz

Discover the Insiders Secrets to creating more flow, getting more clients, and making more money!

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I know... you know... how important your work is!
Especially at this time on the planet!

 However, to help more people... you have to have systems and technology that can support you as grow.

Otherwise, it will just become too hard... and you won't make it!

What a loss that would be for you AND the people you are here to help!

So, why not join us on this call to learn how you can finally create the ease and flow in your business that will help you get more clients and make more money!

Here is what you will get from this call...

  • The #1 Technology Challenge most spiritual entrepreneurs face when building their business.
  • How ease and flow in your business, actually translates into more clients and more money.
  • You’ll meet 3 people who have been building their businesses with the support of intuitive technology coaching.
  • Two Special Gifts you can start using right away to help you create your own Intuitively Connected Biz!
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When you sign-up for this call you will receive these special gifts from me...

This audio takes you through a short invocation inviting Archangel Gabrial to partner with you followed by a 10 minute guided meditation to meet your Angelic Support Team.

Connected Spirit Cash Generating Calendar

As you grow your business, planning is the key to higher profits. However, when you are starting out, even that can be a challenge. This planning calendar and worksheets will help you create your plan for a prosperous year. 

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Come see for yourself the possibilities that exist for you to get the personal help you need to create flow, more clients and more money in your business.

Wishing you a Connected Spirit,


Sherry Bowers, ACM, ALC
Your Intuitively Connected™ Online Technology Guide

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